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Elila Center Services

Taking care of your mental and emotional health has a positive effect on your physical health. Most modern-day ailments are caused by unmanaged stress and diet. Studies show that the body's natural healing response responds to the nurturing effects of hands on healing such as Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu, or gentle pressure such as Reflexology.

Our services can help relieve the effects of stress:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • headaches or migraines
  • physical pain
  • weight gain/loss
  • intestinal complaints

Energy & and Light-Touch Healing Art Sessions
Reiki is excellent for emotional support, releasing unwanted habits and fears. Clients report feeling relaxed and calm, and emotionally centered. Stressful situations become easier to handle. Physical pain can decrease or be eliminated altogether.
For questions or to schedule an appointment, call Andrea Grace at (908) 217 6670 (ext 1), or email

Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) is light touch on specific areas on the body. JSJ has helped people gain relief from allergies, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders, Parkinsons and other seizure disorders, cancer and the effects of radiation-based therapy, and more.
For questions or to schedule an appointment, call Susan Lieberman at (908) 271 6670 (ext 2), or email

Qi Gong uses low-impact flowing body movements in conjunction with breathing techniques to concentrate the mind and balance the body's energy to promote health and healing. Qi Gong can be practiced by people of all ages. For questions or to enquire about class times, call Susan Lieberman at (908) 271 6670 (ext 2), or email

Nutrition Counseling
We have many nutrition counsellors and dieticians who specialize in areas of preventative nutrition, familiy nutrition, total wellness, weight loss, and emotional eating as well as with anyone who has chronic health conditions or allergies.
We can refer you to the best work with individuals and whole families.
For a referal, call (908) 271 6670 (ext 1), or email:

Mindfulness-Based Meditation is a great for people looking to de-stress, increase focus, attention, memory and to develop a practice of being the observer to your thoughts, reactions and emotions.

Guided Meditations are great for people new to meditation and enjoy being gently guided to reach a deeper state of awareness and relaxation. Guided meditations can also be useful for decreasing physical and emotional pain and stress.
Specific guided meditations include preparing expecting mothers for a natural birth, meeting a loved one who has passed, meeting a Guide or your Higher Self to get information and ask questions.

Regression Therapy (QHHT)
Using hypnosis to access memories from this life or another life is a great way to learn more about your purpose and to receive the answer to any question you may have about this life or life in general. Clients have experienced physical healings, the release of unwanted habits, phobias and stressful thoughts as well as personal insights that have improved the quality of personal relationships. Andrea is trained in Advanced Techniques of the Dolores Cannon method known as Qantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).
For questions or to schedule an appointment, call Andrea Grace at (908) 271 6670 (ext 1), or email

Reiki / JSJ / Nutrition Sessions
First Session (90 minutes) ... $150
Follow-up Session (60 minutes) ... $100
* Andrea's Reiki student discount: $80 for a 60-minute Reiki session, $130 for a 90-minute Reiki session

Private Meditation Sessions (includes gentle movement to prepare and energy work self-care)
At Elila (60 minutes) ... $100
At Your Home (45 minutes) ... $100 + ($25 traveling surcharge)

Past Life Regression (Quantum Healing Hypnosis)
First Session (3 hours or more) ... $350
Follow up (90 minutes) ... $150

Packages for Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu or Nutrition Counseling
Just like brushing your teeth or going to the gym, it is in the consistent effort that the full benefits are found. If you are new to energy and light-touch healing arts, or have a chronic condition or experiencing excessive emotional stress, such as death or divorce, 12 sessions are recommended, which is why we offer you the 12-session package at the most discounted rate. We also understand that you may wish to try it out first, or are budget-minded, so we offer 3 and 6-session packages as well. Four sessions is the minimum number we recommend to realize a noticeable difference. All new clients receive a
90-minute session for their first visit. Purchse a 3-session package, and you have your four sessions covered.
Package Full Price You Pay You Save
3-Sessions (three 60-min sessions)*
$300 $285 $15
6-Sessions (six 60-min sessions)* $600 $550 $50
12-Sessions (twelve 60-min sessions)* $1200 $1080 $120

*The first appointment for all new clients is 90mins ($150), and is not included in the package pricing

Sign up for the Package of your choice by calling (908) 271 6670, or email us at

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